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❖Ultrasonic sounds are sound waves with frequencies higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing. (Ultrasounds)

❖Ultrasonic sounds are possible to use in many areas, but humans cannot hear it.

❖Ultrasonic sounds are defined as sound at frequencies greater than 20KHz. ( The upper frequency limit in humans is approximately between 20Hz to 20 KHz)

❖Decibel is a unit of measure used for amount of audible sound. Hertz is a unit of measure that is used for the frequency of sound.

❖Ultrasonic sound is high in directivity. Used properly, ultrasonic sound is able to provide high-resolution images in many fields: industrial sensors, medical examination/treatment, industrial nondestructive inspections, fishing sonars and depth sounders.

❖As sound pressure is relatively easy to amplify, ultrasonic sound can be used in many ways: noiseless drills, welding, polishing, sterilization and cleaning of metal and plastic, specialty speakers, humidifiers, small motors, remote control communication, and bone conduction speakers. communication speakers, and countless other applications.

❖Bats and dolphins use ultrasound to guide movements and source food.

Main operational frequencies in industrial equipment

[Ultrasonic cleaning] 20KHz~200KHz、500KHz~over 1MHz
[Ultrasonic welding] 50KHz~200KHz(1W~50W)
[Ultrasonic humidifier] about1MHz
[Ultrasonic flaw detector/Ultrasonic thickness meter] 100KHz~10MHz
[Collision avoidance system] 17KHz~19KHz
[Ultrasonic microscope] 100MHz~1GHz

Action (effect) of Ultrasonic

  1. Increase blood flow
  2. Speed up nerve transmissions
  3. Decrease pain
  4. Reduction of swelling
  5. Relaxation of muscles
  6. Increase range of motion
  7. Hyperthermic effect
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