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Organic conductive fiber Thunderon®

Thunderon®fiber has a superior antimicrobial capability in addition to an odor neutralization function.

Thunderon® is

combining copper sulfide with acrylic fiber and nylon fiber. Compare to metal and carbon fiber.

  • fracture-resistant and tear resistant
  • small specific gravity
  • excellent rub resistance
  • excellent drape
  • suitable for mixed spinning and blend weaving

it has all these features.
this is patented material not only in Japan, but also in Korea, USA, and Europe.

Thunderon® effect

Neutralization effect
Thunderon neutralizes electric charges by generating an opposite charge when static of another charged substance is in close proximity. (corona discharge)
Antibacterial and deodorization effect
Copper-Digenite has antibacterial action.
Thermal storage effect
Thunderon absorbs sunlight or near-infrared rays and converts it into thermal energy.
Electromagnetic wave absorption effect
Thunderon absorbs electronic and radio waves from cellular phones and other mobile devices, and convert them into thermal energy.
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