Power of Natural Ore: Modern man cannot leave Nature behind



When you feel fatigue, apply the patch tape to the affected area.

  • The patch tape is gentle on the skin because it is made from a stretchable cotton plain-woven fabric.
  • The adhesive part of the patch tape is made with the power of natural ore, Black Silica.
  • The surface of the tape is black in color because of Black Silica.
  • Just apply the patch tape to your neck or shoulder where you feel discomfort.
  • The round shape ensures the tape doesn’t rub off easily.
  • At 22cm in diameter and a discreet beige color the patch is close to skin color.
  • It moves with the body due to its elasticity.
  • It is made of 62%polyester, 33%cotton, and 5%polyurethane material.
  • The power of corebalance stabilizes your body's core.
  • It warms your body through influence of far-infrared radiation.
  • Negative ions improve healing effect and immunity.

More details about Black Silica

Particulars of the material of Patch tape
A stretchable cotton plain-woven fabric is used for the material.
Effects of stretchable cotton plain-woven fabric
62%polyester, 33%cotton, and 5%polyurethane material, stretchable, and gentle on the skin
*Individuals will experience varying degrees of effectiveness.

Caution for use

❖Recommend changing the tape daily.

❖Dry water and sweat off your body well before using.

❖Do not use on skin affected by eczema, rashes or open wounds.

❖Although the material is gentle on skin, in case of abnormal reaction, discontinue use immediately. ( we recommend trying a patch test before using to see if you have sensitive skin) .

❖Aeas along the edge of the tape may become black during using. Wash off by soap.

❖Do not store in direct sunshine or high humidity .

❖Keep out of reach of children.

❖Do not use for purposes other than originally intended .

❖The tape is non-medical .

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