Power of Natural Ore: Modern man cannot leave Nature behind

  • Revive your core axis
  • In sports & leisure, and also in business, in life and in business, It makes all the difference. It's the new reality, Physical Well-being.
  • "Made in Japan" reliability and quality


corebalance gives increased stability and help develop motor skills.

corebalance warms the body to the core using far-infrared radiation.

corebalance necklace reduces accumulated static energy.

Power of Natural Ore for the people of today who are out of touch with nature.

Today's accumulated mental and physical stress occurs without realization; constant exposure to various noises and distractions from your PC, smartphone and games.
"Can't concentrate. Feel restless" "I sleep badly, I can't shake off my fatigue"; these complaints might be an SOS signal from your body and mind.
corebalance is physical accessory which releases your inner power due to a specially treated natural ore. In sports and in business, when it comes to the crunch, it keeps your core axis aligned and balanced. It will help you overcome the most challenging situations.

Hidden power of natural ore: Black Silica.

Since ancient times, people have understood the mysterious hidden power of natural ore and made use of natural ore medicine in medical treatment. Most prominent and most powerful now, " Black Silica" is only extracted in the mountains at the upper stream of "Amano-kawa (river)"in Hiyama-county in Hokkaido prefecture. This black stone was created by the accumulation of diatoms from the bottom of the sea over hundreds of millions of years. It emits far-infrared radiation that warms the human body, as well as negative ions that improve immunity, both at high levels.
To further magnify the health effects of Black Silica, we have introduced ultrasound waves in our production, a process unique to our company.

What is Black Silica?

"Made in Japan" reliability and quality

What is Thunderon?

In sports and leisure, and in business, it makes all the difference! Physical wellness gives you an edge that others might not have.

You may take for granted that you perform at your peak in all sports activity. Furthermore, when you are relaxing playing golf or fishing and especially when you are at work, it is essential for excellent performance to provide your body and mind with physical stability.
The natural distortions in body and loss of balance that is caused by aging and by our modern lifestyle leads to cause stresses in our muscles and bones, leading to pain and fatigue.
By wearing corebalance, activated by the power of natural ore, into your body will transform. Wearing corebalance, activated by the power of the natural ore, will work into your body deeply. With a stabilized body balance, you will have more confidence and feel refreshed; your mind will be clear. The moment you try it, you will notice the difference corebalance makes.

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