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Held in place by the one touch attachment, light and comfortable. Fits your healthy lifestyle.

  • The silicon rubber part of the necklace contains powdered Black Silica irradiated with ultrasonic waves.
  • Silicon rubber is encased in a fabric made with Thunderon, eliminating static electricity from the body.
  • The corebalance logo laser etched to the clasp.
  • With the corrosion resistant magnetic clasp, it is water resistant. But avoid submersing it in water for a long period of time. 
  • The power of corebalance strengthens the body's core.
  • corebalance warms you with the effect of far-infrared radiation.
  • Negative ions improve immunity and provide healing effects

More details about Black Silica

Integrity of good quality material
Organic conductive fiber “Thunderon” “ Silicon rubber” “Polyester fiber” are used for the necklace.
Thunderon® effect
Neutralization effect-- Thunderon neutralizes electric charges by generating an opposite charge when static of another charged substance is in close proximity.
Antibacterial action and deodorization effect---- Copper-Digenite has antibacterial action and deodorization effect neutralizing 4 major bad odor(ammonia,trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, and methyl mercaptan)
Thermal storage effect--- Thunderon absorbs sunlight or near-infrared rays and converts it into thermal energy
Electromagnetic wave absorption effect--- Thunderon converts thermal energy by absorbing electronic and radio waves from cellular phones and other mobile devices.
More details about Thunderon®
If static electricity accumulates in the body…
Immune system is weakened
Fatigue occurs more rapidly
Digestive function is affected
Stress tolerance is reduced ( lack of sleep )
Susceptibility to anemia increases
Stiffness in joints and muscles occurs more rapidly
Micro particles like dust, dust mites and ticks are retained on your body
Overall decrease in physical condition
Harder to retain calcium and vitamin C.10%~20% of Calcium or Vitamin C may flow out of body, which creates a bad influence for beauty)
The necklace is water resistant in day to day situations.
The silicon rubber is resistant to water because of the polyester fiber characteristics.
The magnet part of the attachment (Neodymium magnet, the strongest permanent magnet) is corrosion resistant but should not be used in water for a long time.
*Individuals may experience varying effects

Instructions and directions for use

❖If you are receiving medical treatment for the following, only use corebalance after consulting your doctor.

  1. Skin infections or open wounds.
  2. Allergic reactions to accessories.
  3. Eczema

❖Caution before using

  1. Ensure no metal foreign objects have attached themselves magnetically to the surface during longer periods of not using corebalance.
  2. Do not use if the corebalance has cracked.
  3. Do not use in areas of extreme temperatures, e.g. saunas and thermal baths, outdoor winter activities such as skiing and ice skating .

❖Cautions before using

  1. Discontinue use immediately if your item is defective.
  2. Discontinue use immediately if you feel any abnormal reactions.
  3. Discontinue use if any skin irritations develop.
  4. Do not use during medical procedures involving radio waves (x-rays), ultrasound exams, CAT scans and MRI exams.
  5. Unnecessary pulling or overstressing the pliability of the product may cause breakage.

❖Not used for a purpose other than necklace.

❖During manufacturing, there may be tonal variations on the coloration of the product.

❖Effects of corebalance vary according to each individual and symptom.

❖The product specifications may be changed without notice.

Caution for use

❖Cautions for handling the products.

  1. Do not try to remodel or reshape the product.
  2. Do not cut the product with sharp edges.
  3. There may be a slight cosmetic degradation of the magnetic clasp due to some corrosion. This does not negatively affect the product.
  4. If the product is defective, please return it to place of purchase. Do not attempt to repair it yourself. It will void the warrantee.

❖Recommendations for storage after use.

  1. Refrain from storing in hot and humid conditions. Rinse off and properly dry the metal and magnet and store in a cool dry place. If water, salt and detergents remain on the metal or magnet, it may cause defects or rust.
  2. When in contact with sweat and dirt, wash off by neutral detergents and rinse off with tap water.
  3. When you discard the product, please comply with all local regulations.
  4. Keep out of reach of children
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